2021 & 2022

Patalympics is an a event born through a 2nd year group project. It is based on the philosophy of pataphysics. Our event is inspired by the olympics and the games included make absolutely no sense. The event was created in order to show how crazy you can get in art school.

We wanted to embrace the absurd part of this event in order to provoke our students to get more crazy and experimental themselves. We're eyeing for a shift in the attitude of the students to show them they don't have to draw in between the lines of the academt and do projects everybody already knows about.

Although the event began as a class project we have been successful in continuing the collaboration with WdKA in our 3rd year. We hosted the event during introduction week in 2022 where 1st year graphic design students were able to paricipate and open up their minds to the many possibilities the academy has to offer.

During the event collaboration between myself and Ryan de Bruijn, we've had to design logos, poster, market the event and create the final result being a video (in pataphyscics spirit) to summarise each event for anyone who wants to look back at what took place.